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Wired/Landline Solutions

Ring Ring Ring.... Hello?

Other telecommunications companies charge an arm and a leg for the bare bones services. Here at FitTech, we're hearing what you actually need. We provide one of the most feature-packed TelCom services at a pretty reasonable rate.

Pay As You Go

  • Only Pay For What You Use
  • VoIP To Analog Gateway
  • One Phone Line
  • Included Voicemail


  • No Limit On Your Minutes
  • VoIP To Analog Gateway
  • One Included Line
  • Included Voicemail + Digital Access

Enterprise Telecom

  • More Than You Can Chew
  • VoIP To Analog Gateway
  • Four Phone Lines
  • Digital VM + IVR

Mobile Services

It’s always a good idea to set strict boundaries between work and personal life. Having a separate phone for work can greatly help keep both boundaries in line. Not to mention that it ties in perfectly with our above landline services.

Plan 1

  • 500 Minutes
  • 500 Texts
  • 250 Mb High-speed LTE

Plan 2

  • 750 Minutes
  • 1000 Texts
  • 500 Mb High-speed LTE

Plan 3

  • 1000 Minutes
  • 1500 Texts
  • 1 Gb High-speed LTE

Digital Faxing

Businesses in the modern-day receive few faxes, but having a fax line can come in handy at times. Competitors are charging around $30 per line, per month. FitTech offers digital faxing services for a flat rate per fax, plus a small monthly service fee. No equipment required.


  • *$0.035/Page
  • eMail Notifications


  • *0.03/Page
  • eMail or SMS Notifications

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