Best Geocaching Quotes

Need a little Geocaching humor to end your weekend? Here are my top favorite Geocaching Quotes. “Lamp posts. Not just for light anymore.” “Geocaching – The World Is One Big POI” “Geocachers: Discovering Illegal Marijuana Crops, One Location At A Time” “Never mess with a geocacher–they know all the best places to hide a body.”… Read More »

Interview with the “Popular” Geocachers

To inspire more geocachers to become  active we found a couple geocachers with lots of activity to answer common questions and give a few tips.  Mondou2 has been geocaching for 14 years and has over 90,000 finds.  Fitbobcat: Can you please describe your first geocaching expirience for us? mondou2: I was visiting my brother at… Read More »

Win Reddit Gold

Reddit is an online user-submitted news site. Reddit has multiple dedicated categories including Geocaching. In /r/Geocaching there is over 16,000 members and growing. /r/Geocaching includes Discussions about geocaching, opencaching, geoevents, trackables and everything that associates with geocaching! To discuss all you need is a free account. However with a Premium account you can receive… Read More »

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Geocaching in the winter

If you live in places like Wisconsin, Minnesota or other places that gets lots of snow it can make Geocaching hard. Here are a few tips to Geocache in the winter. 1. Don’t forget batteries! (Cold weather causes batteries to drain faster) 2. Make sure to cover your tracks as best as you can! (You… Read More »


If you ever hosted an event before you know that one of the difficult parts is organizing the list of geocaches for the geocachers to find. The list is either in the wrong format and hard to read, or it takes forever for you to type out the geocaches. Many of the programs that do… Read More »

Hello Everyone

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